There is a common theory in organizing that not every campaign needs a consultant, but that’s simply not true. The truth is every campaign needs a professional who understands how to efficiently start and manage a grassroots campaign. The problem is not every campaign can afford one. Assata Strategies breaks the mold in general consulting by providing candidates with years of expertise at a cost that every candidate can afford.

By combining our general consulting services and fundraising, Assata Strategies avoids the draining of valuable financial resources caused by many consultants. Our goal is to see candidates win, not just make a dollar.

What is a General Consultant?

General consultants act as the chief strategist for a campaign. They begin early on by helping the candidate develop a strong foundation for the campaign and then drive hiring, vendor management, fundraising, and communication strategy for the campaign. General consultants not only provide the candidate with operational support, but also act as a sounding board for new ideas and strategy from staff and volunteers.

General consultants all pull from their unique personal experiences when running a campaign. So, it is important for candidates to find a consultant that fits their personal and campaign needs. Assata Strategies always provides candidates with a free one hour consultation before offering our general consulting services, because we understand  the relationship between consultant and candidate is important in order to move forward.

Assata Strategies has deep relationships with many consultants across the country. If we find that we are not a good fit for your campaign, we are happy to connect you with other consultants who are a better fit for your campaign.