Public financing of elections would be a gamechanger, but until we get there every candidate needs money to win an election. At Assata Strategies, we take a multi-tiered approach to fundraising. Whether a candidate is just starting out or has been fundraising with little success for months, we can help structure a fundraising strategy to help build key relationships with high, mid, and lower dollar donors.



Everyone knows that calltime is important, but are you using the hours you spend on the phone in the correct way?

Assata Strategies will provide a boost to your calltime, by curating and managing lists of those most likely to give to your campaign. After our intial interview, we will make sure they people you call will be receptive to your message. We will also provide hours of coaching to make sure that the candidate or principle in the organization knows how to speak with donors.

Courting high dollar donors also takes time. We make sure that we help facilitate those relationships by sending personalized follow-up emails and calls to prospects to encourage them to contribute the most they can to the campaign.


Digital Fundraising

Digital fundraising has become a staple for organizations and electoral campaigns at all levels, but digital fundraising is much more than just sending an email. Campaigns need to use both social media and email programs to maximum their mid to low dollar donors. Our years of expertise in digital fundraising will grow your list of supporters, bring in new recurring donors, and gain support outside and inside your district.

Assata Strategies will help you develop and manage a story arc that will inspire donors both inside and outside your district.

Our list growth strategies will have your email list producing in no time. As your campaign runs, our digital experts will make sure your list is kept up-to-date and that your email strategy stays in compliance in the CAN-SPAM Act and other federal regulations.


Keeping track of FEC guidelines and reporting can be difficult when running a campaign. Our compliance staff will keep track of donations and prepare all monthly and quarterly reports for you. We can also handle all necessary reporting for hiring and managing payroll and vendors.