Field wins campaigns.

That’s why a robust field strategy designed to target a strategic mix of voters is important for every issue and electoral campaign. Assata Strategies has the know-how and experience to build a winning field strategy to reach low propensity and high propensity voters. We also have an arsenal of voter management and contact tools at our disposal so you can your voters online and on-the-ground.

Whether you need a plan to run on your own, help hiring staff to make your field program a success, or need someone to just do it all — Assata Strategies has the resources to assist any candidate or organization reach the people they need to win.

On The Ground Engagement

Connecting directly with voters can take many different forms depending on the make of your target voters, connecting directly with them can take many different forms. That’s why, Assata Strategies takes the time to figure out how to contact voters before executing a unique strategy. Our experts can execute strategies using:

  • Peer to Peer Texting
  • Canvassing
  • Phonebanking
  • SMS Texting

We can also help you recruit and train the volunteers and staff you need to meet the strategic goals of your campaign.

Digital Engagement

Some voters are extremely hard to reach, especially when your campaign’s universe is predominately made up of low-propensity voters. Using social media and other forms of digital outreach can give you a strategic advantage over your opponents. Assata Strategies will design an organic and paid digital strategy that gets you the votes you need to win on election day. Our digital services include, but are not limited to:

  • Organic social media
  • Paid social media advertising
  • Facebook and Twitter messenger strategies
  • Unique Instagram campaigns for young voters

Assata Strategies can also offer design services for your social media and website to ensure that all your channels have a cohesive design and messaging strategy to attract both voters and donors to the campaign.