Our Principle

Brieanna Fisher is an experienced organizer who has spent her career working to advance progressive issues and electoral campaigns across the country.

Brieanna began organizing and working with campaigns in 2008. Inspired by the national campaign of Barack Obama, Brieanna volunteered with several down-ballot progressive candidates throughout the state of Texas. Her professional career began as a fellow with Battleground Texas.

There, she worked to help increase turnout for Democrats in Texas. In 2015, she joined the staff at Democracy for America (DFA). While at DFA, Brieanna designed and executed digital and on the ground campaigns for progressive candidates across the country. In her role as National Training Manager, Brieanna rebuilt and managed DFA’s Campaign Academy, a multi-day training program designed to give grassroots candidates the knowledge they need to run for political office.

Brieanna started Assata Strategies in 2020 to give candidates and organizations the support they need to bring progressive reform to their districts. Over the years, she has seen how difficult it is for working-class Americans to run for office – especially when those candidates are Black, Indigenous, or identified as a person of color. Brieanna is ready to use her expertise and broad connections to the progressive movement to increase voter turnout, elect transformative candidates, and build a reflective Democracy that works for all of us.