What We Do

General Consulting

Do you have the next big campaign idea or want to run for office? Knowing where to start can be difficult. Assata Strategies can help you build a foundation that will have your campaign off and running.

Field Strategy

Organizing can take many different forms and methods can vary from district to district. After a careful evaluation of your district, we will design a field strategy that gets you the votes you need to win.

Digital Strategy

With the rise of digital campaigns, fundraising and voter outreach have changed over the years. We have the experience and knowledge to craft a digital outreach strategy to help you reach your goals.


Assata Strategies was launched to provide change candidates with the resources and tools they need to run successful grassroots campaigns. Our principle, Brieanna Fisher, is an experienced organizer who has spent her career working to advance progressive issue and electoral campaigns across the country. 

Brieanna recognized that candidates looking to run inclusive, diverse campaigns were having difficulty finding a consulting team that fit their needs. Assata Strategies focuses on increasing voter and donor engagement for progressive candidates and issue campaigns.

Our unique 360 degree focus provides campaigns with the organizing and digital support they need to run effective campaigns in hard to win districts across the country.

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